Facial Rejuvenation Surgery

Face Lift: The short scar facelift is a very good technique where the scar is hidden in the pre auricular area without a post auricular extension. This is indicated in select patients that don’t have a lot of significant redundant skin on their neck. It works well on these areas, but it does make the procedure somewhat more difficult. There can be some bunching of the skin on the lobe area as well. I think it is a good operative procedure in a select group of patients, but in my practice I use it in a limited number of patients that primarily have skin laxity in pre auricular (cheek area) and not the post auricular area and have a very good neck.

Neck Lift: A sagging neck can be a cause of concern for many patients, who seek a surgical or non surgical solution. Young patient may develop a fat, sagging neck due to genetic inheritance, but most neck sagging is the consequence of aging and sun damage. As we age several things happen to the neck. The skin loses elasticity and becomes lax, fat decreases and becomes displaced by gravity producing the typical jowls and fat under the chin. Muscles also lose their size and strength, or become thickened in bands, platysma bands.

Brow Lift: Drooping of the forehead or eyebrows with deep lines on the forehead can be very ageing and cause concern for many patients. Brow Lift Surgery will correct drooping of eyebrows, loose skin with some improvement in facial lines. Botulinum toxin treatment to relax the muscles of the forehead and eyebrow is recommended 2 weeks prior to surgery for a more effective healing. Dermal Filler or Fat injections may also be recommended to achieve the best results. Any existing facial asymmetry will be pointed out and treatment planned to correct this.

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